A rebrand and digital reset for Australia’s most iconic shopping centres.

Transforming Westfield into a connected customer experience

With the business goal of providing a connected customer experience to bridge the gap between the online presence in retail and shopping centres, Westfield came to us to develop new digital first core brand identity. With a deadline set for a digital refresh, they gave us 6 weeks for a rebrand to inform their digital products that we would then be designing. As the branding project started another team got to work on a research piece that would be informing the design of their digital products.

Client: Westfield
Launch Date: Q2 2018
Responsibilties: Branding, UI Design

My Role On the Project

My role on the project was to first develop a series a brand concepts that reflect the brand principles and values determined in initial brand workshops. After deciding a brand direction, I moved on to designing westfield.com.au with the new brand direction. Within a team of 4 UI designers I was responsible for developing a design system for the project that was similar to my work on Samsung.


A digital first brand for a physical service

Initial stages of the project involved a rebrand in which the redesigned online experience would be based on. I was involved in initial concepting workshops with the client, facilitating activities to determine their brand principals and the visual directions we would take. I worked on establishing the look and feel of three brand concepts. The team and I fleshed out a number of those concepts to develop a unified brand approach. A full brand guideline was then established before developing their online experience.

UI Design


After rebranding Westfield with a digital first approach, the design team and I began exploring the the visual design for westfield.com.au. A total of 50 screens were developed to lay a foundation for the production phase of the project. A key differentiating characteristic of our work on this project was using a fluid colour palette to express the vibrancy of the in store experiences allowing the palette to change based on the shopping centre location selected.

Product Design Kit

A design system for multiple touchpoints

I was solely responsible of developing a Production Design Kit (PDK) for this project. The PDK modularised the design of the online experience and prepared each component in a way that made production of the designs more efficient. The client was able to quickly and easily begin development of the product and allowed future designers to efficiently develop further screens to assist developers during the production phase of the project.