The Crazy Ideas

Here are some ideas i've had over the years. Some great, some colossal and some, just a bit shit. They may not relate directly to my day to day work but they are a big part of who i am and how i think.

The Bio Wall

Whilst working with Fjord, we moved from a humble studio in Fitzroy to a new “whizz bang” office in the city. For the move, I was tasked with developing art installations within our office. The bio wall was the favourite of three concepts developed for the office. It’s an interactive wall with perspex fins hung vertically along the main wall of the office. Each fin would have RGB LED lights shinning from the inner edge. The light would flow through the perspex and light up the opposite edge of the perspex. With the RGB LEDs connected to a Raspberry Pi via LED modules our creative technologists would be able to adjust the light luminosity and colour in which ever way they saw fit. With motion sensors, midi controllers or bluetooth modules viewers could interact with the wall through movement, manual interaction or by frequency of people walking past.

Equinox Name Tags

Fjord have an annual event where everyone working for Fjord get together to share knowledge, meet each other and see what is in the pipeline for the company over the next year. There are a thousand odd people that come to this event and after my first year attending, there was a problem with the event that I wanted to have a go at solving.

With so many people at these events, what is a simple way of creating more meaningful relationships without it feeling contrived?

My answer was to develop name tags worn by each of the attendees, on the bottom of each name tag was a unique pattern. These patterns would fit in to one other attendees name tag and light up when they connected. The whole idea didn’t necessarily surround the prospect of finding your matching name tag, but encourage people to meet someone they wouldn’t usually meet by attempting to connect tags that look similar to their own.