Samsung Online Store

An online store for a global market

Designing for a global market was a complete redesign of Samsung’s existing global eCommerce experience to extend their digital presence beyond 2020. Launched in 9+ country stores in 18 months and a plan to roll out an additional 30+ in 2018. The design task involved great consideration into a modular sense of working to over come the challenges of designing for a global market.

Client: Samsung
Launch Date: 10/2017
Responsibilities: UI/UX Design

My Role On the Project

For such a large project, we had a very small design team. Between an art director and I, we were responsible for the UX and UI design of the entire Samsung online store for multiple countries. For initial stages of the project were worked together to determine business needs through client workshops, develop wireframes and user flows followed by developing the design system and then divided and conquered the online stores to cover the breadth of the project.


Taking Samsung through to 2020

Samsung were looking to update their online store to extend their presence beyond 2020. The initial design was intended for Samsung UK with the designs to be adapted and extended to be implemented for 30+ countries in 2018. Within a team of two interaction designers our goal was to create a design system to quality in production, versatility across the many nationalities and ability to be adopted by external designers.

UX Design

User centred thinking for a technical oriented project

The largest troubles of this project was due the business nature of the project, where the client wanted to roll out as many online stores they could in a short period of time. They reprioritised UX design within the process which lead the design to be based on business and technical goals. Using what we had at our disposal, we developed flows with the client based on their goals and technical constraints but continually rephrased these goals back to the clients from a user’s perspective to influence their decision making


Design System

A global source of truth

As this project is for such a large enterprise with the prospect of implementing the designs for many nationalities, developing a strong design system was imperative. To overcome the large scale of the work we atomised our design assets to be repurposed for the many flows and variations needed for production. We created a craft library to centralise all of our assets so that changes made in our library were reflected throughout our designs. By doing so, we were able to ensure consistency throughout the many flows being designed and created a more efficient workflow for implementing localisation changes for the many countries that we were designing for.